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Welcome Home Sheldon Cooper

IMG_1488It was about four months to the day Phoebe left us. The vet confirmed Walter was lonely. We went searching for a puppy at local PetCo’s in the area. We knew that the right one would just speak to us; pun intended. We were wrong. The puppy we found was sound asleep in the front corner of the pen. We walked in circles around the last parking lot waiting for this little butter bean to wake up, he didn’t. We kept petting his tail in hopes it would wake him up; no such luck. Finally we asked if we could pick him up, he had one beautiful glass eye. When we picked him up he started to purr like a kitten and continued sleeping in our arms.  He perked up a little bit played with another puppy and came right back to us; we think for peace and quiet. He came home with us.

This cute little ten week old puppy came home with us and knew where everything was. The water, the food closet, even the back door. The puppy was so happy to see Walter. Walter was a bit standoffish; the puppy felt at home. Days went by and we had to name him. My family agreed that he was the smartest puppy we have ever encountered in our lives. He is part Catahoula and who knows. He made us laugh with his little noises, and amazed us with his outstanding mid air catches for being such a young puppy. Welcome home Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon has now been a part of our family for almost two years.

After a few weeks Sheldon seemed as if he knew something was wrong with Walter. I could not believe that this puppy actually respected Walters boundaries. This puppy was patient, calm and caring. Walter would be sitting by the window and Sheldon would bring a ball and drop it at his feet, as if to remind him that he was missing out on life.  Outside they found one thing in common that brought them together: SQUIRRELS! I was never so happy in my entire life. Walter actually taught Sheldon how to run the rodents up the trees. My heart was filled with joy, because the first time in a long time Walter had a purpose and I could actually see his little boy personality shine again. As Sheldon grew older, he and Walter have been side by side like brothers.

Walter now has a hard time with stairs, and Sheldon knows. He has a bit of arthritis in his joints, due to his love of food. Sheldon will continue to circle back to let Walter know it is OK to go up the stairs, constantly motivating him to move. At the dog park it is fun to watch the two of them together run without leashes. They don’t leave each others side.

What me and my entire family think is strange, is the fact that Sheldon’s characteristics are so eerily familiar to Phoebe’s. We were not expecting him to act like her; kind, caring, thoughtful and super protective. From the day we brought him home he was part of the family.

Please enjoy the photos of our Sheldon Cooper. Sometimes he resembles Dobby from Harry Potter.



205741_10150225522735831_1538884_nWalter was rescued by my daughter around the same time as Phoebe. Walters personality is that of a little boy, forever wanting to play and come home for dinner. Walter is a full blooded black lab and was purchased for entertainment for two little girls who’s parent’s were never home. The few months he was with his family he was kept outside in a kennel, sweltering in the hot Arizona sun. There was an opportunity to give Walter a new home, so my daughter grabbed it.

Walter loved his new home. He had a pool, a back yard and a doggie door that he could go in and out of as often as he wanted to. He was the happiest puppy I ever saw.  It took a while to come up with Walters name. His first name was Suki; yuk. It didn’t fit him. Then it was Dozer, short for Bulldozer. He still plows into things and he is almost eight years old now. Walter seemed to be quick on his game when it came to playing, especially with toy’s.  She named him after the family’s favorite football player: Walter Payton. The name suits him; she tried many names, he responded to Walter instantaneously.

When Phoebe passed away, Walter was not himself. He loves his family, he loves his toys and he especially loves FOOD. He wouldn’t eat; he wouldn’t wag his tail to his favorite saying, “Who’s a big black sexy dog?” Something was wrong; his heart was broken. Most of his life was spent with Phoebe, there were play dates in the beginning, the last three years of their lives they lived together. Best buds, always together. When she passed away he would spend most of his time by the window, as if he were waiting for her to come home. He didn’t even get excited when it was feeding time.  Months passed by and there was no change. We came up with an idea to adopt a friend for Walter, maybe a puppy to spark the little boy in him again.  More about our new puppy later.

Walter accepted the puppy as if he were a new big brother, it took Walter a long time to start acting like himself again. He would respond to the new puppy and play, but he would always go to the window, sit and wait. If we mentioned her name he frantically searched for her, it was heartbreaking. It took time, but he came around to the point where he became active again and enjoyed his meals. To this day every now and then it still looks as if he is waiting for her to go running again.

We love you Walter


Phoebe at her Phluffiest!

Phoebe at her Phluffiest!

We literally rescued Phoebe from an animal shelter in 2006. If she did not come home with us that day she would have been sent to a kill shelter that very afternoon. We looked at her picture online for about three weeks. We kept saying that for a puppy she looked pretty old. One Saturday afternoon my husband decides we should go see if she is still at the shelter. Thank the stars she was there, the shelter had shaved her face and she looked very uncomfortable in her tiny cage. At the age of four months she had already traveled to seven different shelters throughout the state of Arizona. We are still not sure who saved who.

Phoebe was a gentle protective old woman in a dog suit. She loved her family and we loved her. In 2012 Phoebe past away from sudden kidney failure. It was one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to deal with. I wasn’t ready for my healthy, shaggy best friend to leave me just yet. I certainly thought we had another six to seven years together. I was wrong.

My fluffy shaggy friend has inspired me to write a children’s book series about the importance of animal rescue, responsibility and forever friendship.  When I am finished, you will be the first to read it.

We do not know what type of dog Phoebe was, we just knew she was special. Her papers say Shepard mix, nope, totally wrong. She was definite Bearded Collie and something. We didn’t care.  Phoebe mostly wore her hair simple, long and brushed. There were many times she ran into the woods, and the woods came back on her. She sported many a shaved do in her lifetime.

I am happy I at least get to see my friend on YouTube for eternity.

Enjoy the following posts about my rescued family.

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