Forget the Republican majority: Women made history

Alma Adams will become the 100th woman in the 113th congress, voted in during a special election. Before Tuesday’s votes, there were 20 women senators and 79 Congresswomen. After a complete tally of votes the 100 number is likely to change with more woman elected to office.

Democrat Alma Adams serves North Carolina’s 12th district. Alma led the effort to increase minimum wage in North Carolina, earning her statewide recognition as a champion for the middle class.

This is a huge milestone for all women. Women need to become more active in politics and decide what is best for women. Men have decided far too long on what women should and shouldn’t do, have and shouldn’t have.

This is a strong issue that needs to come to the forefront of today’s society. Isn’t there a new formidable Gloria Steinem that will take up the challenge of the new women’s right of reproductive health care and other issues? What ever happened to her anyway?

We are the only ones that can give birth, reproductive health care should be a given right. Why does it have to be fought for?

Women still have to fight the corporate ceiling in the work place. Now the challenges are even greater with health care in the picture.

Discrimination against women is happening in every line of work. The gaming industry still cannot accept that women are just as equal in competition and software development.

Software engineer, Brianna Wu has been receiving death threats recently because of her involvement creating games with females as the main characters.

“Though many of us are equal in our skills and drive to the men, we are often not welcome. The gamers who still aren’t ready for us resort to online harassment to belittle, silence, and drive us away from their precious boys’ club.” said Elisa Melendez about being a girl gamer.

Women and girls, who enjoy the hobby, often log on to play with a male alter ego not to be harassed by male players. This happens everywhere. We just keep silent and sweep it under the rug.

With any luck Alma Adams just might inspire more women to join the battle of politics.

“As a mother, grandmother and teacher, I’m outraged by how Republicans in Congress keep ignoring the needs of our families. With your help, I’ll go to Congress and fight to stop them.”

– Alma Adams

Laura Bassett –


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