Phoebe at her Phluffiest!

Phoebe at her Phluffiest!

We literally rescued Phoebe from an animal shelter in 2006. If she did not come home with us that day she would have been sent to a kill shelter that very afternoon. We looked at her picture online for about three weeks. We kept saying that for a puppy she looked pretty old. One Saturday afternoon my husband decides we should go see if she is still at the shelter. Thank the stars she was there, the shelter had shaved her face and she looked very uncomfortable in her tiny cage. At the age of four months she had already traveled to seven different shelters throughout the state of Arizona. We are still not sure who saved who.

Phoebe was a gentle protective old woman in a dog suit. She loved her family and we loved her. In 2012 Phoebe past away from sudden kidney failure. It was one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to deal with. I wasn’t ready for my healthy, shaggy best friend to leave me just yet. I certainly thought we had another six to seven years together. I was wrong.

My fluffy shaggy friend has inspired me to write a children’s book series about the importance of animal rescue, responsibility and forever friendship.  When I am finished, you will be the first to read it.

We do not know what type of dog Phoebe was, we just knew she was special. Her papers say Shepard mix, nope, totally wrong. She was definite Bearded Collie and something. We didn’t care.  Phoebe mostly wore her hair simple, long and brushed. There were many times she ran into the woods, and the woods came back on her. She sported many a shaved do in her lifetime.

I am happy I at least get to see my friend on YouTube for eternity.

Enjoy the following posts about my rescued family.

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3 thoughts on “Phoebe

    • Hello little bug,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I am going to add a few more things about our crazy pets sometime today. I am also going to post my first current event blog today as well, inspired by you and your active voice for women’s rights.

  1. I like reading about your rescue family. I’m sorry Phoebe passed away. I can’t imagine having my little scruffy Scottie gone. I’m glad you got to film her. Your inspiration for a children’s book sounds great. Kids love seeing fluffy dogs and Phoebe seemed so fluffy I hope you put a lot of pictures in the book.

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